The story of mykmedia

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As you sit and read this, I’m sure it will be hard to believe but I’m on the other side of the screen held in captivity by sadistic demons. Ok, it sounds crazy but you have to believe me. This used to be a normal website that I used as a way to display my projects upon until my doubts manifested themselves into demonic forces and used my site against me.

It all started about ten years ago, I started writing my thoughts on paper. It started as a journal containing my dreams and aspirations after I graduated film school, as I continued to write my doubts began to negate every thought that I had. Eventually the negativity began to flood over into the journal, actively competing against me. I tried my hardest to exorcize the negativity but eventually it seemed like the journal became the voice of my negative side which was taking on a life of it’s own. My negativity wanted to be known as Dagon and eventually his thoughts began to drown out mine. The journal became a battle between Myk and Dagon jumping from reality to sadistic fantasy.

wasn’t just my negative side; he was my sexual side and my violent side. To try to get myself back into a positive mentality I began to daydream about what I thought would be the perfect girl. Her name was Pariah and Dagon would distract me with thoughts about her so that he could write the journal in my place. Dagon made me think that this girl was real and because of this I got myself into several bad relationships because I was mistaking these girls for someone that didn’t exist. Dagon made me think that these girls would solve all my problems and would make him go away but in all reality they made things worse. I didn’t know what to do; Dagon was controlling my life.

I needed to exorcize my demon but I didn’t know how and slowly the journal was becoming a novel. I thought that if I finished writing the journal turned novel that maybe Dagon would go away but it didn’t work. I decided to turn to my good friend James Monroe, no not the president. Monroe’s an older guy so he has a lot of past experience. He advised that if a novel didn’t fix my problem then maybe making a movie would. I was desperate so I decided to take his advice; only problem was that I didn’t know what to make my movie about. Finally, I decided to make the movie based upon an old friend of mine, Amanda. She didn’t like the idea but I was obsessed with it so I made it anyway; even if she didn’t want me to.

While filming the movie strange things happened, for example my novel arrived on the front steps of my house one day and the footage I was editing turned into footage of myself putting the book down; I didn’t even remember doing that. My friends thought that I was loosing my mind but they just didn’t understand. I went back to recording, I recorded footage of Amanda through her window and from a distance, and eventually she had a meeting with me and told me to stop. Well I didn’t like that one bit so I kidnapped her, brought her back to my garage and decided to film the finale. Something strange happened. One second I had her tied up, the next second she had me tied up with a drill to my face. Right when the drill was about to hit my forehead I woke up in my bedroom. I realized that Amanda was just another manifestation of Pariah and she never existed. I felt motivated, even though the star of the movie was fictional; I decided to finish it anyway. I went to put the movie in the DVD player only to discover something shocking; the movie was replaced with a pod of someone walking into my kitchen. They grabbed a knife and walked toward my room only to discover that I was the one holding the knife. The television set turned on, it was Dagon taunting me. Somehow my DVD was a portal into cyberspace and at that point I was trapped in my own fiction and Dagon had taken my place in reality.

Dagon took the novel that I wrote and decided to publish it and try to make money off of it. While he exploited my insecurities his minions began to torture me in cyber space, forcing me to make art or music until my fingers bled and my throat was dry. I disguised messages for help in my art and music but no one noticed. Dagon would then take what I made and try to peddle it to any one anywhere. He was trying to turn me into a brand but I had no idea why. Eventually, I got up enough strength to use my art against the demons; it took a while but it seemed as though I finally defeated Dagon’s minions. I used my new found power to create a portal; unfortunately it didn’t take me back home. The portal took me to a negative version of the world. I called it the Shadowland.

I wandered aimlessly because I didn’t know where to go and no one was around for guidance. Eventually, I discovered someone who was just as lost as I was; his name was Percy; he seemed pretty useless but he was nice. We continued wandering until he remembered something about a communication tower between worlds. I was so excited; there was finally a way for me to get back. Then I thought for a moment; going back might not be safe. I decided that I would dictate my story for Percy and he could spread the word and reveal the truth about Dagon.

We got to the tower and that’s where I found a tape recorder and I told the whole story. Percy and myself parted ways and once again I was stranded. It seemed like I was waiting forever; eventually I got tired of waiting so I went through the portal myself only to discover that things were much worse then I imagined. All of my friends and family forgot who I was; it seemed as though Dagon erased everyone’s memories. I wanted to find Percy to see if he was ok; to see if Dagon got to him. I was on my way back home when I found Dagon’s memoir written specifically for me. It revealed that he was a demon and his agenda was originally to assimilate me but since I was too strong he decided to dilute me. Turns out that I had a light within me (whatever that meant) and he wanted to extinguish it by exploiting me to such a degree that people would get tired of me and wouldn’t listen to what I had to say. He said that the light within me radiated from my heart. Turned out that my heart was half of some princess’ heart. When she was born the shadows cowered because they knew that she was the only one who could stop them. Dagon had the idea to kill the child princess while she was young and weak. To protect her from harm her parents sent half of her heart away and I guess I ended up with it. Apart we were weak but together we could be strong. While my heart ached, he distracted me with Pariah so he could find her and destroy her before I found her. But he didn’t expect me to be a worthy opponent. My light was becoming stronger each day.

Dagon said that over exposure was the key to my destruction and that’s what he was doing to me while I was occupied with other things. He was putting my name on whatever he could t-shirts; mugs; glasses; anything. In his book he said that he was so thankful that we traded places, he called me his white rabbit. To make fun of me and to celebrate being in the human world, Dagon would have Alice in Wonderland parties. Mykmedia was just a small part of what Dagon was doing. He was part of every company everywhere and the darkness was slowly consuming everyone; they didn’t even realize it. Pariah who posed to be a woman named Lilith lured Percy in; he was distracted and forgot all about his mission. Percy was now Dagon’s right hand man. As quickly as I could I went to Dagon’s bar, HotSex. I tried to warn everyone but it was no use they were all zombies. Dagon emerged from the shadows and began to laugh, he told me that he had won; slowly darkness filled my eyes and I found myself back in the negative version of my room.
So that’s my story, while you read this Dagon is continuing to take over the world. I vow to get back to the real world and find my other half and destroy him once and for all.